Easter Bonnet

We couldn't resist sharing this hysterical memory from our friend in her Charleston Bonnet throwing an absolute fit back in the 60s as her mom was trying to capture a wonderful Easter memory...wasn't happening. In contrast her beautiful niece is a picture in her heirloom bonnet, as is my niece a couple of years ago in hers. The Charleston Bonnet is yet another tradition unique to this city. In my day, one could only purchase this necessary Charleston baby accessory at 82 Church, a beautiful children's boutique just across from Catfish Row (as in Porgy and Bess) down on one of the city's most beautiful streets, Church St, in the area just below Broad. Sadly, 82 Church closed their doors years ago, and I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found this one for my niece in an upscale children's consignment store still in its original 82 Church box, with the stuffing still neatly in place to keep the bonnet nice and, well, puffed up. If you are lucky enough to have one, hold onto it, as sadly you can't get them anymore. #explorecharleston#charlestonprotocolyall

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