Tomato Sandwiches

My Momma said she practically lived on tomato sandwiches during her entire pregnancy with me. That explains why I believe this flavor is the most decadent and delicious known to man. Local tomatoes, soft white bread, s/p and mayo....the looming question is...are you Hellmann's or Duke's? In the South, we love our much so that the concoction has become a huge part of our culture. Our sweet and very talented friend and artist Shannon Runquist portrays the Southern Summer tomato sandwich ritual perfectly in her painting, "More Maters and Mayo," featuring the Duke's mayo jar. It's now on display at the Myrtle Beach Art Museum. Pretty much everyone who grew up on the stuff has a preference and will fight till the end defending their favorite. Let the Mayonnaise Wars Begin! #Hellmanns #Dukesmayo

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