Rice Steamer

We don't know about y'all, but the only way many Charleston cooks know how to do rice is in a traditional Charleston rice steamer. Unlike other stove top methods, the steamer calls for equal parts water and rice and you just dump it all in and it's perfect every time! Our favorite grain is Charleston Gold, the so-called "love child" of the famed Carolina Gold rice and a long-grain variety, the cheery yellow bag isn't just for show either, it prevents light penetration which can cause damage to the rice! Both Anson Mills and Carolina Plantation sell Charleston Gold, fragrant with hints of hazelnut, you'll never cook anything else! Now it's nearly impossible to find a good old Charleston rice steamer, but we've searched the world and seemingly found the last one made. Get yours today at CharlestonProtocol.com. We love the peek-a-boo glass top to make sure your rice is ready before lifting the lid. Just fluff with a fork and serve! #carolinagoldrice #rice#charlestongold #ricesteamer #ansonmills #carolinaplantation

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